Whales Class 

Year 2 and Year 3

Whales Class is wonderful because it has lots of resources to learn and play with.

Our classroom is spacious and organised.

We love Year 2 because there are so many interesting things to learn and there are lots of amazing stories to read.

We love learning practically and using our outdoor space.

We work hard to follow our class rules and values of perseverance, respect and showing good manners.

We aim to develop Growth Mindset and to always try our best so we can get onto the ‘Superstar’ reward chart and earn a whole class reward.

Whales Class – Latest News


We had great fun this afternoon learning to sculpt clay onto a tree. We have been fascinated by our Enchanted Woods story and we were so excited to create these outside!

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Woodland fairy

We received a special letter from our woodland fairy. She had ripped her dress and wondered if we could design and make her a new one! We used different materials to cut, shape and join them! Lots of perseverance and determination shown!

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Different materials

We designed, made and tested different materials. We worked in groups to make a bucket suitable to hold water that could help us put out the Great Fire of London. We had great fun testing these!

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