Vision and Values


At North Elmham Primary School we believe all our children have the ability to achieve their full potential. We are committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum, within a stimulating and nurturing environment, with Christian values at its heart.

Together in partnership, children, parents, staff and governors create a sense of belonging, which leads to happy and confident individuals.

Believe… Achieve… Belong…


The staff, parents and governors aim to encourage every child in all aspects of learning by:

Upholding the Christian values which are at the heart of our school community;

Encouraging our children to be confident, resourceful, independent, ready to participate in a constantly evolving world;

Providing a nurturing, safe, happy and inspiring environment that stimulates and challenges our children;

Working as a team and taking pride in our achievements;

Encouraging honesty, responsibility and respectfulness;

Providing a balanced curriculum that encourages enthusiasm and curiosity, as well as logical and creative thinking;

Providing opportunities to learn and explore through different activities and learning experiences.

Key Values