Starting School

We run an induction programme for our new Reception pupils during June and July. Parents are invited to attend an evening meeting where information is shared, parents can meet staff and ask any questions.

We then invite our new pupils to several short sessions based in their new class. These are planned to give the children a taste of many aspects of school life. This will include play times, lunch and time in class. We also invite you to our Sports Day, Summer Fair, School Play and other special school events. In this way the children get used to coming into school and working with our staff. This is very valuable for settling them in September.

Those pupils attending North Elmham Playgroup can be brought over to school by their staff. We work very closely with our Playgroup and local childminder with regular visits throughout the school year.

A separate booklet, ‘Welcome to North Elmham CEVC Primary School’, is given to new pupils giving more detail about your child’s first year in school.

Moving into a New Class

We have a ‘Moving up’ day for children to meet their new teacher and experience their new class in the Summer term in order to ease transition in September. Teachers will hold ‘Parent Consultation’ sessions in the Autumn and Spring terms for parents to meet the teacher and discuss their child’s progress. A written, end of year report is sent out towards the end of the school year with opportunity to discuss them with the teacher.

Moving on to High School

Children transfer to High School at 11. Our school is situated between four high schools and children tend to move to one of these: there are two high schools in Dereham – Northgate High and Neatherd High; one to the east of North Elmham – Reepham High; and one to the west – Litcham School.

We liaise closely with our partner schools to ensure transition is smooth.

During July of the last term children have the opportunity to spend a number of days in their future school. In addition we encourage high school teachers to take some lessons here and children also have other opportunities to visit their new schools for special events and lessons.

School Premises, Security and Travel

North Elmham CEVC Primary School is a long-established village school, situated in the heart of North Elmham. The main part of the school is more than one hundred years old. The original building was extended in the 1950s and completely refurbished in 1997 when a new block comprising of four classrooms, craft area, group room and library was added.

The school site is locked out-of-hours and out of bounds to visitors or pupils. The building is alarmed and the school caretaker lives nearby. All doors on the access-side of the building have automatic locking systems.

To maintain a high level of safety at school no parents/family members are allowed into the main teaching block unless they have signed in at reception and given a visitors badge.

School visitors sign in to school and wear a Visitor’s badge.

There is car parking available for staff and visitors. Parents park on the main road to drop their children off at school. The bus also stops on this road in a designated space. Those who live locally are encouraged to walk; those living in villages within our catchment area are encouraged to use the school bus.