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School Council March 2018

We have been busy recently planning the refurbishment of our school library.

Lots of very kind people across the community have contributed money to help us pay for the refurbishment and we are enjoying picking the soft furnishings.

The library is due to be fitted during the Easter holidays so we don’t have too long to wait for the library to be complete.

We have also been busy trying to make lunch times more interesting for all the children, getting some toys prepared to play with and also ensuring that they are looked after properly.

Finally we are planning a fundraising event for the summer term, in aid of Cancer Research, a cause we feel is important to us.

Understandably we have had to cancel the KS2 trip to Cadbury World tomorrow.

If the school is open tomorrow please arrive at normal time.

We are looking to reschedule this trip.

Additionally, the Year 6 SATs Parents Meeting will take place on Tuesday 6th March 6-7pm (the Maths Booster class will still go ahead that day).

Cadbury World Trip Cancelled