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Science Day

To celebrate British Science Week, Sheep class had a busy day experimenting! We predicted, asked lots of questions and then observed what happened!

Firstly, we observed what happened when we added drops of water to skittles. We were amazed when we saw a colourful rainbow! We then tried to make gummy bears dance and were incredibly excited when we made the vinegar bubble, fizz and overflow! We investigated the effect of adding vinegar to milk and found the outcome disgusting!!

Finally, we observed how oil and water do not mix and made our own Rainbows in a Jar to take home!

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Science day in Dove class

Doves had fun investigating ‘Loony Liquids’ for science day on Friday. Firstly, we made Oobleck with cornflour and explored how it doesn’t act like a normal liquid. We then made lava lamps and observed how oil and water don’t mix due to their difference in density. Finally, we investigated the effect of washing up liquid on coloured milk, learning that the soap molecules weakened the bonds between the fat molecules in the milk. The children really enjoyed all the hands on activities and were great at cleaning up afterwards!