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Calder inspired sculptures go on display in library

Whales class have created sculptures inspired by the work of Alexander Calder. They have learnt to sculpt and draw with wire. The sculpture workshops have combined Art, Design Technology and Maths skills, learning to use pliers, twist and form wire, cut shapes and balance their creations. The class have been so enthusiastic and imaginative throughout their art workshops. The new school library is a beautiful new exhibition space for the sculptures too.

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Art in Dove class

We’ve been working on different shading techniques and experimenting with tone in art today. Here are just some of the fantastic pieces they produced! Do encourage them to keep practising at home; they’re fast learning that art is never ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’, and that anything can be improved using different techniques to re-work it.

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Dinosaur on the loose!

We came in from playtime and found some footprints! We weren’t sure what they were at first or where they came from. We worked out it could not have been a grown up because of the gap between each print and there were only three sharp pointy bits! We decided to put objects around it so visitors knew not to touch them! After further investigation, we worked out it must’ve been the Great Dirty Dinosaur from the book we had been reading!