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Drama workshop

Key stage 2 classes were lucky enough to have been joined recently by the Year 10 drama students from Neatherd High School, who gave us the first preview of their upcoming performance of Hansel and Gretel. It was a fantastic experience and really enhanced the children’s understanding of the story, which was our focus for World Book Week. Not only did we get to watch the students perform, but we also took part in a drama workshop. The students said that our children’s ideas were so creative that they were going to use some of them in the actual show! Many thanks to all from Neatherd and we wish you all the best for the play…break a leg!

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Key Stage 2 Collective Worship

Lion and Dove classes have been exploring this term’s theme of ‘humility’ by discussing how we can show humility at school and at home, and how acts of selflessness (inspired by Jesus) can make everyone feel respected and valued. Children have contributed by preparing some amazing presentations and raising questions that have inspired some enthusiastic debate!

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Mayan and Aztec ‘Hook Day’

Lion and Dove classes had a great first day back last week, and were given a taster of things to expect in this term’s topics. The children all made a Mexican inspired salsa and tortilla chips, designed and created Aztec necklaces decorated with geometric designs, and were given an introduction to the Mayan number system (using pasta and lentils!) . Everyone really enjoyed the day and we’re all looking forward to learning more about the Aztecs and the Mayans over the coming weeks!

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Ancient Egyptian Engineering!

As part of our topic work this term, Dove class have been designing, constructing and testing an ancient system the Egyptians used to retrieve water from the Nile. The ‘shaduf’ was simple lever mechanism that allowed buckets of water to be lifted and then tipped straight onto the fields next to the river with minimal man-power. The children experimented with placing the fulcrum at different points along the lever arm, deciding on the most effective position, and then had a ‘bucket’ of laughs soaking each other during their testing!