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Wartime DT

Doves have been learning all about wartime rationing and how people used strange ingredients in their foods in an effort to ‘make do’. Today we had lots of fun making carrot biscuits and taste-testing them to see if the carrot was a good sugar substitute (the recipe only used a very small amount of sugar). The biscuits proved pretty popular, so much so that the children asked if they could have the recipe to make them at home (see below!)

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KS2 Football Tournament Finals!

This afternoon saw the top four teams compete to win the tournament, and it was a thrilling watch. The final between the Platy Players and the Stripes even went down to penalties, which was just as exciting as the England game this week! Eventually, the Platy Players were victorious, despite only just making the final four on goal difference; a true underdog victory! Well done to all the children for competing over the last few weeks. It was fantastic to see such sportsmanship and teamwork develop, and we even have some football converts! Thank you also to the parents who came to support, it made it even more of an event for the children.

Just a quick note about the children’s footie shirts: they need to be dry-ironed before washing so that the fabric paint doesn’t ruin your other clothes!

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KS2 Football Tournament kicks off!!

The past week, Lion and Dove classes have been designing their team emblems and screen printing their logos onto their football shirts, ready for the first matches today. Excitement was at fever-pitch as the first matches took place this afternoon, with the Sharks facing the King Cobras and the Platy Players up against the Lion Riders! We’ll keep you updated as the tournament progresses..